Few months ago, me and my not-so-little-brothers anymore went on a vacation to Ujung Genteng, Sukabumi. Why Ujung Genteng? Simply because we wanted to go to the beach. But most of all, we picked Ujung Genteng because it’s untouchable unlike the other vacation spot which too mainstream and too crowded […]

Blogtravel: A Trip to Ujung Genteng

I’ve always been a fan of Elie Saab’s dress. I mean, how can people (woman, particularly) not love his works? He’s such a super talented designer and his works are masterpiece! Most of his dress looks extremely gorgeous. It gives me that dreamy feeling everytime I’m looking on it. Not […]

Eye-catching Thing

I once read someone tweeted about “creative people upload everything, lazy people download everything”. Wow, I’m deeply motivated by that quote. Therefore I wrote down “Update my blog as many as I can” on my 2015 resolution list. But I think I already failed at that resolution. Just look at […]

Write, Write, Write

Traveling to Singapore was indeed full with so much pleasure. It gave me that tingling sensation. A feeling which I can’t explain thoroughly with sentence. In conclusion, it was great. Singapore has so many artsy place which easily captured my heart when I went there. One of them is Haji […]

Haji Lane

I am one of those people who love comfort zone. I tend to stay at the same place instead of seeking for another adventure to conquer. I prefer laying down on a cozy couch to roaming in a wild jungle. Call me ‘old style lady’ but that’s me. So, for […]

Movin’ On

So many stories to update in this blog, so little time. Na ah. I lied. Actually I’m just extremely lazy to start writing again. How about I upload few of my favorite photos from my previous trip to Malang instead? I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Quick Update

So yesterday, a friend of mine @ranggacepot tagged me to join the latest challenge #20FactsAboutMe on instagram. I thought I wouldnt join this challenge at all. But I was wrong. Well, challenge accepted then!! (You can also check it on my insta account @seswiena) 1. I can’t swim. Yet my […]


I was looking at my father this morning and suddenly realized that he’s so old now. His face is a little bit pale, and the wrinkles on his face has grown a lot than before. The look of his eyes shows that he’s currently thinking about few things. It’s so […]

The One I Look Up To

I live in grey area. It’s not that I’m bad, but I’m not that great either. I tend to be a person in ‘standard/default mode’. To be honest, I am a person who often trapped in the middle of stagnancy. I tend to stop and not finishing the things I’ve […]

Conflicted Thoughts

Hiyabadabadoooooo! So glad to be back here after such long hiatus. A bit confused to decide from where do I have to start. Well, starting from mid May, I’m officially working in a new office. I can’t call it working actually. Because from mid May until now, all I’ve done […]

Should I Call It A New Chapter of My Life?

Last weekend was definitely a reunion weekend. It was so nice to meet people you used to see frequently in the past. Reminisced about the good old memories and of course snapped so many pics just like the pic above. The pic above actually consists by some blur pics from […]

Feelin’ Blur?

  No one like farewell. Neither do I. That’s what I thought when the day (Friday, January 24th) has come. Although that day was long awaited, still, I couldn’t lie that I got mixed-feeling both in my heart and mind. That day become one of the most memorable day in […]

A Farewell For A Better Future