Behind This Blog



Meet Edwina Nuroctaviani, or simply call her Wina. She’s the one behind this blog. The author and the brain of this concept. A twenty-something years old lady who currently being an employee of one government organization in Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from Diponegoro University (state university in somewhere around Indonesia) with title ‘Bachelor of Communication’, concentrating in strategic communication. She’s the combination of a hilarious fella and mommy’s favorite daughter, yet tricky and poisonous sometimes.¬†She’s a scorpion lady. Hence, she acts mysterious once in awhile and become easily predictable afterwards. She considers herself as the most complicated simple girl.

A truly nocturnal creatures, that’s she is. She usually awakes in the middle of the night, and spends the night with few activities such as hunting heaps of ideas, chasing the deadline, and “kissing” the moon. That’s why she named her blog Flickering Moonlight. But lately, she found that name a lil bit lame and forced her brain to think the other blog title that more represents herself. So, the choice fell on a name ‘Edwina The Enigmatic‘, by the reason because nowadays she enjoys being enigmatic like too much. Then here it is, blog that represents daily stories about her life. Also a mixture of art and personal style equipped with self-centered thoughts and wordplay. Perplexed enough after read these jokes? Then have a further read to her blog to prove her uniqueness!

P.S: Pursuing master degree abroad is still the biggest passion for her, until now.