No one like farewell. Neither do I. That’s what I thought when the day (Friday, January 24th) has come. Although that day was long awaited, still, I couldn’t lie that I got mixed-feeling both in my heart and mind. That day become one of the most memorable day in […]

A Farewell For A Better Future

In the mood for black from head to toe. With a little bit touch of red actually. Well, this style inspired by a female character in Korean drama whom always looks outstanding in a turtle-neck top and middle-length skirt. I added my mom’s vintage bag, red belt, and also red […]

Black Is The New Black

It’s good to be back. I mean it. Life has been so good to me and I’m blessed for everything that I’ve got until today. That’s how we supposed to live this life, am I right? Working, playing, and seeking for another gold opportunity. That’s how my life goes for […]

Every Second Of It.

Just a quick update to kill the boredom. What’s up, fellas? It’s been a while since I appeared here. I hope you are in a great condition and be able to reach your dream in no time. But don’t forget to have fun and go wild, I suggest. P.S: The […]

Have Fun Go Wild!

  Since most of my time has brutally stolen by a thing so called “working”, so here I am, updating the blog when I got spare time and good mood again. To make it short, since I become an employee, weekend never been this tempting before. I feel that weekend […]

Weekend Never Been This Tempting Before.

Suddenly remember about my very last night in Semarang. Right before my departure to Jakarta on the next morning. Those rollerskating scene with my college mates that suddenly came up in mind. Aaaa.. Those happy yet teary moment :”) I miss Semarang, for sure.


I overheard one good quote that match my mood now: only happy people can make other people happy. And yes, I am happy now. Actually, this happy mood started when I gave my mom a bouquet of red roses yesterday. I gave it to her as a gift because I […]

Little Gift She Wants..

Ola amigo! Rainy season has come! Have you prepared your own raincoat? The weather here in Jakarta has been so lovely, I think. The city has been shrouded in black clouds lately. But it makes you miss the sunshine a bit, don’t you think? Speaking of sunshine, I wanna tell […]

Umroh: Part 1 (Jeddah – Medina)

Life is all about choices, that’s what I know. To keep the faith when choosing and to overcome the fear, that’s the point. And what I hate about choosing is: one hour ago I’m extremely sure about choosing one choice, and one hour later it’s all gone. The faith has […]


So, yes, finally the journey come to an end. I’m no longer uni student now and I’ve graduated as Bachelor of Communication. So relieved that I can fulfill my task and now I am so ready to enter the next phase of life. 🙂 Maybe I’ve told you a bit […]

The Journey

  I read that title above from one of e-books that my lecturer gave me a week ago. But no, thanks, I’m not gonna write something-that-need-full-concentration-to-read like that. I had enough of that. Hahahaha. By the way I’ve been reading a pile of e-books which contains various topics like Representation, […]

Identity As Face.